From engineering agency to international public limited company

Breetec International NV is an important global player in several sectors: metal working, erecting installations, and the relocation and maintenance of complex technical installations. A look at our past shows that our success hasn't been a stroke of luck. From the very beginning, our business philosophy has leaned on the same 3 pillars: safety, quality, and training.

Our history, your future

From a small engineering agency to an innovative producer. Breetec was founded as a private limited company (BVBA) in 1981. In the early years, customers from different sectors called on our engineering services. However, our innovative approach and flexible entrepreneurship provided a quick turnaround.

After the development of our first in-house product - the Breetec safety relief valve for silos- things moved very fast. The breather valve turned out to be a bull's eye, and in a short period of time we earned an excellent reputation.

From family-owned private limited company to international public limited company 

The next logical step was to start developing, producing and processing other high-quality products made of metal, aluminium and stainless steel. To this day our products include, but are not limited to: filter casings, screw conveyors and conveyor belts, steel frames, stainless steel tanks, and flanges and fittings. 

To meet the increasing demand of our customers, we decided to hire even more skilled workers and train them for the task that awaited them. When our continuous growth had us bursting at the seams, we moved to our new location in As in 1998. In the same year, Breetec BVBA was turned into Breetec International NV.

From the first to the second generation

Over the years, our activities have expanded to include on-site assembly, and the relocation and maintenance all kinds of metal installations. Our workshop meets the strictest safety regulations and is equipped with state-of-the-art machines: processing machines from CNC turning machine and welding robot to plasma cutting table, and various sheet metal working machines to cut, bend, punch, and roll various materials. 

Even though we expanded our staff to about 50 members, we consciously maintained our familiar character to this day. We not only express this in the way we work towards a common goals with our competent staff, but also our personal and trustworthy,reliable relations with our customers. For this reason, working with and for Breetec is choosing a solid future.

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